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Looking for an unique entertainment for your wedding party?

Yes! You've come to the right place! Atsushi will sit down and discuss with you ways to make your wedding party special and unforgettable!!

The below are typcial options for wedding entertainment.

Performance Options:

( available nationwide and internationally )

Walk around close-up magic ( street magic - TV style magic )

This is the perfect option for cocktail hours.  Atsushi moves through your party, mixing with your guests and performing miracles right before their eyes with his world-class sleight of hand and inimitable sense of humor. This unique entertainment not only wows your guests but because it's personal, it makes your wedding even more memorable for your guests!

Stand-up magic show

Atsushi's one-man show is a stand-up magic show designed to entertain larger audiences and is perfect for after-dinner entertainment. This hi-energy show is packed with visual magic, music, audience interaction, and comedy!

The performance time can be from 15 to 45min depeding on your request.

Premium magic show

This option is a combination of walk-around close-up magic and a stand-up magic show. The length of the show can be customized to meet your needs.

Contact Atsushi for more information, performance fees, etc.

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